The final programme is out and can be seen here






We thank you all very much for your submissions !

This has been a success and there was quite a large number of abstracts to choose from. The organisation committee was pleased to send on Nov. 23rd the results by e-mail to all the people who got a selected abstract.


Selected short talks:

These can be seen on the final programme published here

Their format is 10 min presentation + 5 min questions and answers.




Thank you for your registrations
We have over 120 participants ! 






Keynote lecture by Yohanns Bellaïche

"Morphogenesis of proliferative tissues"


Keynote lecture by Didier Stainier

“Imaging cardiomyocyte cell behaviour during zebrafish development”


Lecture by Patrick Tschopp

Generating diversity in the vertebrate skeleton - cell specification

and ‘regulatory evolution’ ”


Lecture by Bill Keyes

“New roles for cellular senescence in development and regeneration”


 Lecture by Jamel Chelly

"Malformation of cortical development mediated by AKT-mTOR pathways deregulation"


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